Mornings in Kirkwall

On my way to work, I walk over the flood wall. A heightened strip of land between Kirkwall and The Peedie Sea (‘peedie’ is the Orcadian word for small). The sea buffers right up to the piles of rock, protecting Kirkwall. As you walk, you can see that the sea isn’t actually higher than a lot of Kirkwall which is stretched out before you.

I was looking through my photos this week, and I noticed that since coming up last October, I’ve taken countless pictures of this view, all of them of the different, shifting skies and changing seasons. I’ve loved putting these together, as you can see the shifting seasons, and how different they are.

The first time it snowed in Orkney on the seafront, we’ve not had snow like this this year, just a lot of hail.

Spring in Orkney, you can just see the sailboats out on the jetty.

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Orkney Cloth x

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